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You can use the Introduction for a welcome text, a list of contributors to the project or to enter general and introductory material on your taxonomic group; you can also store other information here on topics such as methodology.


This page shows an automatic generated list of the different topics in the Introduction. You can also search by entering text in the "Type to find" box. You can jump to a page by clicking its name in the pop-up.

On this page you can create a new topic. In the Topic-box you can enter the title of the page. In the text-box you can enter the text of the page. To assign a multimedia file to a page, click “Upload" or "attach media” at the bottom of the page. This opens the Multimedia module, from where you can attach a multimedia file (in the Introduction no audio or video is supported, only an image: png, jpg, jpe, jpeg or gif). Before leaving the page, click "save".

Change page order

On this page you can drag and drop topics into their correct order, or click on "Sort alphabetically" to arrange the pages in alphabetical order. After finishing click "save order".


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