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In this module you can upload or edit multimedia in your project (images, sound, movies, documents) .

Upload media

On this page you can upload multimedia to your project. If you upload multiple files, the metadata provided will be used for all uploaded files. Tags are used to classify types of multimedia. You can enter multiple tags separated by commas.

In the modules the media item is used you can link captions to the file. Captions are not part of the default metadata, but are dependent of the module and associated item (species, glossary entry, etc.). Captions can be added when editing media in the specific module.

Upload restrictions;
Maximum number of files: 20
Maximum size of a single file: 2M
Maximum total batch size: 8M

Supported media types:
text/odt (opendocument.text)
text/ods (opendocument.spreadsheet)

Browse media

On this page you can browse through the media available in the project. You can switch between grid and list view. You also can search for media items by typing text in the text-field. You can search by file name, tags and metadata.
To edit metadata or replace media click "edit" below (grid view) or next of (list view) the media item.

Search media

On this page you can search for media items. You can search by filename, title, location, photographer or tags. You do not need tot type the full text, you can also search for parts of words.

Edit media

On this page you can edit or enter meta data from the media items in the project (title, location, photographer and tags). You can enter multiple tags separated by comma's.

Also you can replace the media file with a different one. The metadata and tags will be retained. Be aware that this will replace the media file with the new one everywhere in the project where it is linked. When you want to replace a media file only in a specific module then go to this module and detach the media file there. After detaching you can then upload and link a new media file for the specific module.

At the bottom of the edit-page you can see in which modules the media-item is used. From here you cannot change these relations. To do so you have tot go to the specific module.

Browse media on ResourceSpace server

All media is stored on the ResourceSpace server.

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