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Project Overview

This is the Project overview page, displaying a scheme of the modules available in the project.
You can jump to the module you want to edit by clicking the name of the module. You can always go back to this overview page by clicking on the project name in the breadcrumb trail at the top of the page, directly below 'Linnaeus NG Administration'.
By clicking "view" to the right of the breadcrumb trail the view-mode (front-end) of the project will be opened in a new tab.
At the bottom of the page you can jump to the different Management and System tasks by clicking on them.

Before applying for your own site you can experiment with all the available functions of this module in the LNG Sandboxes:

Starting a new project

Initially, when starting a project you find only two modules here, Project management and User management. In Project management you can select the modules you want to use in your project. In User management you can add collaborators and assign their role in the project.

The definition of the following settings is mandatory:

Module Project management

Click "Manage basic project information". Add at least one language (and click save)

Click "Manage project modules". Add the modules you want to use (as well as any custom modules)

Module Taxon editor

Click "taxonomic ranks".
- Define which ranks you want to use in the project
- Set the boundary between higher en lower taxa by manoeuvering the red line
- Click "save selected ranks"
- Optionally, click "change the ranks' names and provide translations"

Click "passport categories".
- Create the appropriate categories (tabs) for the taxon pages
- Select which standard tabs you want to show
- Change the display order of the tabs
- Add translations, if applicable

Module Single-access/Multi-entry key

Access the Single-access key module (or Multi-entry key module > Management) > Define ranks that can appear in key, and set what ranks can appear in your keys

Module Traits

Select project data types, add the relevant data types to use in the project (or all, when unsure)

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