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In this module you can manage (information on) specialists or organisations who validated or contributed parts of the project. Also, author names of (literature) references can be stored here. Along the top of this page you see an A-Z bar. Click a letter to open a list with persons or organisations starting with that letter or find a person or organisation by typing in the "Search by person" or "Search by organisation" box . You can jump to a person or organisation by clicking its name. This opens the editing page of the person or organisation.
To add a person or organisation click "new actor".

====Edit actor====
On this page you can edit the data of an actor (person or organisation).
At the bottom of the page you can examine which taxa or literature references are linked to this actor by clicking "Linked names", "Linked passports" or "Linked literature references". This option depends on the links present, when there are no links at all, you see stated "(no links)". You can't add literature links from here. To link literature references go to the Literature module. To link taxa click "add" behind "link to taxa" and start typing in the text box the taxon name you want to link. Clicking the name will link it to the actor. You also can add a logo to an organisation by entering the logo url. The logo of linked organisations is shown on underlying taxon pages in the web-interface (front-end). For example when you link an organisation to a family, the logo will be shown on the family page and the pages of all underlying taxa (genera, species). When you made edits click "save" before leaving the page. To remove an actor click "delete actor".
(You also can link taxa to actors from the Taxon editor module)

====New actor====
On this page you can add new actors (a person or organisation such as contributors, authors, specialists etc.)
At the bottom of the page you see stated "(no links)". See details above how to link taxa or references to an actor.
Click "save" before leaving the page.


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