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Linnaeus NG has no native functionality for the maintenance of geospatial data. However, it does allow for the presentation of geospatial data by embedding third‐party maps within the LNG‐framework. Examples of such maps are those generated by ArcWEB and KML‐files presented via Google Maps.

While they are hosted on external (non‐LNG) servers, such maps can be displayed as a part of the species information pages of a LNG‐website. To achieve this, LNG is configured with the general URL of the relevant map service. When an end‐user accesses a species’ information page, this general URL is parametrized with information about that species taken from the LNG‐database (typically the species’ accepted name), to create a URL that uniquely identifies the map that shows geospatial data for that species. This map is then retrieved from the external server and displayed as an integral part of the species’ information pages within the LNG website.

An example of this concept can be seen here:
""<a class="ext" target="_new" href="">Turtles of the World map example</a>""
The KML-files that contain the geodata are stored outside the LNG-framework, but are displayed on a map, embedded within the LNG Species Module.

[[ More information on embedding geodata in your project]]

If you want to add maps to your LNG website, please contact [[]] to discuss the possibilities.
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