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======Interface Texts (Sysadmin only)======
On this page you see a list of the interface texts used in all the different modules. For "Environment" you can choose between "admin" (back-end) and "app" (front-end). For "Language" you can only choose English at the moment.

====Interface translations====
Words/ terms are automatically added to this list when they are put in the code of the program (by the programmers). To translate a term double-click in the second column on the cell you want to put or edit the translation. A textfield will appear where you can type the translation. To save, click enter.
As the original tags are in English, they do not require translating, but if you do specify a translation, it will overrule the original tag.

Clicking the red "x" at the end of each line will delete the tag and all its translations!!!!!


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