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======Project Management======

In this module you can manage basic project information like title, languages, modules part of the project, publish or unpublish modules, etc.

====Project information====
On this page you can manage project information like Project title, Project ID and Project languages.

Project languages: you can add languages to your project. When you use just one language in your project other then English change the default language in the language you want to use by clicking the > behind "English". This opens a list of languages where you can choose from. When you want to add a second language click "add language". Once added you can define the default language for your project by clicking "make default". Also you can specify 'publish' or 'unpublish' for each language. This affects the web-interface (front-end).
To delete a language from a project, click "delete".

At the bottom of the page you can determine if you want the project to be visible for the public, by checking 'Publish project' "yes" or "no".

Click "save" to store changes.

====Project modules====
On this page you can select the standard modules you wish to use in your project and create up to 5 extra content modules. You also can choose to publish or unpublish the different modules.


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