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Sandboxes are Linnaeus Next Generation-sites that allow you to experiment with all the available functions before applying for your own site. You will find them here:
In order to show all functionality these sandbox-projects are not empty but filled with data of Euphausiids of the World Ocean, as an example.

**What can you explore in the sandboxes?**
- Get familiar with the structure of the application
- Explore all Linnaeus NG-functions and available modules
- Experiment with the settings and create your own content
find out whether LNG is a fitting tool for creating, managing, sharing and/or publishing your data

**Important notices before using the sandboxes:**
- Only upload or create open data in this site, it will be visible to other users
- The sandbox site can be edited by other users at the same time as you
- The sandboxes reset and all added changes to the content are permanently deleted every 48 hours
- The time left before a sandbox resets is shown on the header of every admin-page

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