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======Mass upload images======
This function allows you to upload files to your projects media directory, including multiple files within a ZIP-file.

Choose a file to upload: Click "**Choose File**"

When handling files that already exist, choose from these options:
- overwrite (when file exists, overwrite it)
- rename (when file exists, rename new file to "file (1)" and upload)
- skip (don't upload files that already exist)
(the application only checks for the same filename and does not look at any other attributes)

Click "**upload**" to start the upload, click "back" to go back to the Project overview page

Current server-limited maximum on file uploads: 2MB

**Allowed MIME-types**
Files of the following MIME-types are allowed:

- image/png (PNG image; max. 1M per file)
- image/jpg (JPG image; max. 1M per file)
- image/jpeg (JPG image; max. 1M per file)
- image/gif (GIF image; max. 1M per file)
- video/h264 (h.264 movie; max. 50M per file)
- video/quicktime (Quicktime; max. 50M per file)
- audio/mpeg (mp3; max. 10M per file)
- application/zip (ZIP-file; max. 50M per file; see below for information on uploading archives)
- image/tiff (TIFF image; max. 2M per file)
- application/pdf (PDF document; max. 2M per file)

**Overwriting and identical file names**
All uploaded files are assigned unique file names, so there is no danger of accidentally overwriting an existing file. The original file names are retained in the project database and shown in the media management screens.

**Uploading multiple files at once**
In the current HTML-specification there are no cross-browser possibilities for the uploading of multiple files at the same time without resorting to Flash or Java. Despite this limitation, you can upload several images at the same time by adding them to a ZIP-archive and uploading that file. The application will unpack the ZIP-file and store the separate files contained within. To the files within a ZIP-file the same limitations with regards to format and size apply as to files that are uploaded normally.

**Temporary alternative**
Drag & drop files below. Be aware: the same limitations in regard to size and format apply, but you won't get any feedback when they are enforced. You can drag & drop multiple files at once, though.
Wait for the upload of all dropped files to finish before leaving this page; please be aware that progress bars and status icons appear as overlays and can be a little tricky to see against a white background.
The limit to the number of files you can drop at once is not tested, but circa 200 files in one drop seemed to work fine.
The uploader never overwrites, always makes a new copy of a duplicate file by adding "(1)" etc. To avoid duplicates, delete the older file first via the "**browse page**". That page also includes an option to delete all files in the project media directory in one action.

====Browse media====
Double-click a filename to change it. Click "delete" to delete a file. To delete multiple files, check the appropriate checkboxes and click "delete selected". To delete all files, click "click here".

Please be aware that these images are very likely referred to from various modules in your project: species, matrix, introduction, etc. This function is just a file browser: name changes or deletions are not automatically implemented in the various referring modules.

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