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Project Management


In this module you can manage basic project information like title, languages, modules part of the project, publish or unpublish modules, etc.

Before applying for your own site you can experiment with all the available functions of this module in the LNG Sandboxes:

Project information

On this page you can manage basic project information like Project title, Project ID and Project languages.

Project languages: you can add languages to your project. Choose a language from the pop-up menu and click "add language". Once added you can define the default language for your project by clicking "make default". Also you can specify 'publish' or 'unpublish' for each language. This affects the view-mode (front-end).
To delete a language from a project, click "delete".

At the bottom of the page you can determine if you want the project to be visible for the public, by checking 'Publish project' "yes" or "no".

Click save to store changes.

Project modules

On this page you can select the standard modules you wish to use in your project and create up to 5 extra content modules. You also can choose to publish or unpublish the different modules.

Merge project

Select the project you wish to merge with the current project. Please note that merging will move all data from the source project to the current one, not copy it. Afterwards, the source will remain as a (partly) empty project.

Activity log

On this page you see a log file of the activities in the project performed by the different collaborators. Click "toon data" on the right hand of each line to get the details of the edits performed.

From here Sysadmin-only:

Delete orphaned data

Click "Delete orphaned data" to remove all orphaned data from the database.
Orphaned data is data that is associated with a project id that no longer exists in the central projects table.
No further confirmation will be asked for.

Create new project

Delete a project

Select the project you wish to delete.

Change a project ID

Select the project of which you wish to change the ID and enter the new ID.

Project info

This page gives data about your project. It can be used for monitoring the progress of your project. You can find number counts on: taxa, media files, common names, synonyms, literature.


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