In this module you can edit the general settings of your project. Setting spreadsheet (work in progress):

Before applying for your own site you can experiment with all the available functions of this module in the LNG Sandboxes:

General settings

Some basic settings to get you started:

image_root_skin:../../media/system/skins/linnaeus_ng/ (this needs to go, at some point)
skin: linnaeus_ng
start_page: /linnaeus_ng/app/views/introduction/topic.php?id=8 or /linnaeus_ng/app/views/matrixkey/identify.php (depending on how you want to open the site)
support_email: support email address (undocumented)

Module settings

Multi-entry key
allow_empty_species: 1
always_show_details: 1
browse_style: expand
image_orientation: portrait
no_taxon_images: 1 (for keys without images)
score_threshold: 100 (100: only show matches, 0: show all, sort by match)

Both the Multi-entry key and the Introduction support a setting ‘no_media’, which allow you to use the module without setting up resource space (matrix still supports remote images this way).

Convert old general settings to module settings


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